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About Us

T&M was originally incorporated in Hershey, Pennsylvania in 1988 to provide electrical components to the HVAC/R industry.

Over the years our activity expanded to the Automotive industry providing Pressure Relief Valves and  asbestos-free Sealing Materials to gasket manufacturers.

Most of our customers are original equipment manufacturers, large and small.  We operate in the US and internationally, mostly in Brazil.

T&M is the Master Distributor for the US and South America, of Electrica s.r.l of Milan, Italy, a world leader in the field of compressor start components and snap-action switches.

T&M is the Industrial Distributor for Brazil of Interface Sealing Solutions Inc., a leading international manufacturer of automotive  and industrial non-asbestos sealing products.

Our mission is to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements offering innovative, customized and cost-effective solutions for their business.

We value hard work, the human spirit and the idea that if a solution to a problem does not exist, we can create it. Integrity is the standard of consistency between what we say and what we do. It means that we do what we say we are going to do; that we do the right things; that we remain honest and forthright.

We love what we do. We make it happen.

This is the foundation on which we build success for our company.

Manufacturing in the USA

Florida Corp Office

T&M is a partner in the manufacturing of the Electrica Potential Relay Series in Wisconsin, US. These relays have become the de facto standard for the HVAC/R industry and are approved by virtually all refrigeration compressor manufacturers, worldwide. Our present competitors supply the market with copies of previous versions of our product.

Long Term business relationships

At T&M we are proud to be long term business partners of top players in the refrigeration and automotive markets, including



We serve HVAC/R & Submersible Pump Manufacturers, Contractors, Aftermarket Distributors and Repair Businesses.

We serve Automotive & Industrial gasket manufacturers.